Lawrence Standifer Stevens
In 2014, toward the end of July, I embarked on a road trip through Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma that I christened the 2014 TX, NM, & OK Whirlwind Architectural Photo Tour. It inspired me to go on a similar trip this year.
This year, I went about it in a somewhat different manner. And it revealed something to me about myself that I didn't previously know. And that is, I am a planner not an improvisor. Last time, I planned my trip over a period of about 2-1/2 months. This trip, not quite so much planning went into where and when I was going. About a week-and-a-half. 
The result was that things (small things, in reflection) didn't go quite as I'd expected. Maybe you're like me when this happens. Maybe not. Me? I tend to roll with the first few punches, thinking, I can adapt. And I do. For a while. Then, my mood sees a definite swing to the overcast versus the sunny side. But I soon realize I have no one to blame but myself — for not planning the trip better. 
It's not that I need to have every moment planned within an inch of its life. I just need a structure within which to roam free. It becomes my playground. It allows me to have fun and relax within its bounds because I no longer have to worry about the niggling details. Because I got the small things right, I can freewheel and do what comes naturally: ignore the minutiae and just make photographs. 
Lesson learned. 
— Lawrence Standifer Stevens
Windmills - Old and New
Fort Davis State Park - Pano
Fort Davis State Park - Breakthrough
Fort Davis State Park - Cactus Flower
Fort Davis State Park - Outcropping
Fort Davis - CSA Supply Depot
Outside Marfa, Texas - Lone Tree
Ryan Ranch
El Paso High School - 2015
Coffee Box - El Paso
Plaza Hotel - El Paso
Artisan Hotel - El Paso
BBVA Compass Bank - El Paso
Hotel Gardner - El Paso
Back Alley Textures - El Paso
Crane and Workmen - El Paso
Kress Building - El Paso
Plaza Theater - El Paso
El Paso Museum of Art
Back of the Plaza Theater - El Paso
Rattlesnake Ridge / SE of Las Cruces
Waiting for the Train / South of Las Cruces
Looking South on a Western Drive / West of Las Cruces
Shadow on the Land / South of Las Cruces
Mission San Xavier del Bac #1 - Tucson
Mission San Xavier del Bac #2 - Tucson
Mission San Xavier del Bac #3 - Tucson
Mission San Xavier del Bac #4 - Tucson
Mission San Xavier del Bac Farms - Tucson
Mission San Xavier del Bac Hay Field - Tucson
St. Augustine's Cathedral - Interior - Tucson
St. Augustine's Cathedral - Exterior - Tucson

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