Lawrence Standifer Stevens
For those of us who are urban animals, the love of architecture comes naturally.  I see architecture as the way Mankind says to Nature (not God but, rather, His Creation): This is our mark, our way of showing that we were here. Not as permanent as Nature's wonders, it's the closest we can come to making ourselves known for the ages. We did this! Alas, it is NOT forever. Thus, we celebrate it to intensify its importance in our own minds while we are here.
Lawrence Standifer Stevens

Westlake House - Backyard
Westlake House - Dining Room
Houston Skyline with Cemetery 
Downtown Dallas from Trinity River Levee
Park House / Oklahoma City
El Paso High School
Wilson Building / Dallas
Latino Cultural Center / Dallas
Austin Skyline from Long Performance Center / Austin
Swiss Avenue Home #1 / Dallas
Swiss Avenue Home #2 / Dallas
Olmos Park Residence / San Antonio
Alamo Heights Residence / San Antonio
Oak Cliff Residence / Dallas
Mort Meyerson Symphony Center Lobby / Dallas
Heywood Hotel - 4am / Austin
Republic Gables Building / Dallas
Pizza Hut Building / Dallas
Texas State Capitol / Austin
Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church / Dallas
Poynor Baptist Church / Poynor, Texas
Munger Place Church / Old East Dallas
Omni Hotel / Dallas
Loft Apartments / Albuquerque

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