Lawrence Standifer Stevens
For a fair-skinned white boy who spends most of his time in the dark, sitting in front of his computer, I love being outdoors in Nature and photographing it in all its glory. It calms me and gives me time to slow down, catch my breath, and reflect how small a part of the universe I am. And, yet, I see more clearly than usual that I am no less important in the grand scheme of things than the squirrel across the way keeping an eye on me while he plays with his nuts.
Sometimes I get lucky and play it very lazy when I find a beautiful vista on the side of the road that begs me to photograph it before the moment passes. And, so, I've learned to have my camera with me most of the time. But the photographs that really fill my spirit are the ones I have to work for — the 500 mile trek to a two week stay at a desolate ranch in West Texas so I could climb down the rim of a 1000 foot deep canyon to shoot a 360° panorama of a fishing camp at 2 a.m., just as the full moon rises.
Soon, I'll get an itch to find another rugged place I can hike to with as much gear as I think I will ever use and find just the right spot to wait for the light to make things happen.
~ Lawrence Standifer Stevens

White Pumpkin & Cacti
San Francisco Creek Ranch - Three Cloud Canyon
West Texas Desert Rain / East of Van Horn, Texas
Waterfall / Big Basin State Park, California
Illusion / Big Basin State Park, California
Curving Earthward / Big Basin State Park, California
Trees in a Row / Caddo Lake State Park, Texas
Cypress / Caddo Lake State Park, Texas
Hayfield - Impending Storm / Near Kaufman, Texas
Migrating Ducks at Sunset / Lake Ray Hubbard, Texas
Trail to a Lonely Tree / Lost Maples State Park, Texas
Dying Tree - Autumn / Lost Maples State Park, Texas
Before the Buds / Lost Maples State Park, Texas
Old Moon at Sunrise / South of Alpine, Texas
Sunset Shower Ending / Middle of Nowhere in West Texas
Private Lake / East Texas
West Texas Sunset / Brewster County, Texas
Fishing Camp on the Rio Grande - 2 a.m. / San Francisco Creek Ranch, Texas
November Sunrise / Blanco River State Park, Texas
Heron - Fishing / Blanco River State Park, Texas
Wheat Stalk / Blanco River State Park, Texas
Autumn Morning on the River / Blanco River State Park, Texas
Departure / Blanco River State Park, Texas
Dried River Bed #1 / Blanco River State Park, Texas
Dried River Bed #2 / Blanco River State Park, Texas
Still Waters / Blanco River State Park, Texas
Shade Tree / Blanco River State Park, Texas
Bridge Across the River / Blanco River State Park, Texas

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