I refer to my work as Organic Expressionism. Almost all of my work is created in Photoshop and a typical painting will contain 20 - 30 layers — sometimes as many as a hundred — each succeeding layer blended with whatever mode strikes me as matching what I see in my mind's eye. I often will snatch a piece of a photograph and use it to prepare my canvas in a way that completely obliterates the image and leaves just an organic trace of the original pixels. I call it Digital Gesso. Building layer upon layer, using the myriad of tools in Photoshop, from brushes to filters to layer masks to channel selections, I create texture, color, and form.

My paintings have grown in size as my Macs have grown in capabilities and specs. These days, they will be a minimum of 4 ft in the shortest dimension. If you do the math, it works out to some big-ass files — 2 to 12 gigabytes. And, so, I am constantly pushing back the limitations of my hardware just so I can work on a painting. As a result, I usually start with smaller files, where filters have the most effect and brush strokes are in real time and not executed over 20 - 30 seconds.

My purpose is not to convey a message but, rather, to engage the viewer's mind so that they create their own message, their own meaning. For me, the art is not the ink on paper or canvas, or pixels on a computer display; the art is in creating a series of synaptic events that lead the mind to softly say aloud, "Oh, wow. . . ." I want people to walk away from my work having been forced, if you will, to think. That thought, whatever it may be, is my art.
In a World Gone Mad
Mayan Sun
Body of Water
Afternoon Rest
Hill Country Fire
Looking Back at the End of Day
Reflections at Eventide
Light Even in the Dark Recesses
Playing in the Crucible of Love
Stretching Into Life
Phoenix Ryzing 3
Study in Red
Ovum Ultimatum
Glass Furnace
Folded Green Duck
The Gloaming
Road to the Sky
Walk in the Park
From the Sea
Christmas Tree Farm - Late Fall
Doorway to the 9th Level
Ocular Migraine
Hannah's Poisoned Eye
She Grieves Over News
Irresistible Force - Immovable Object
Hot Flow
Anaklinomeni Gymni Gynaika
The Djinn Awakens
Hothouse Flower
All The Way Down
Western Conflagration
Morning Sun
Reflection of a Broken Heart
A Woman of Color
On a Day Like No Other
Fall Flowered Egg
Painted Desert
Man Inspired by Woman
Ezekiel's Wheel
A Fiery End
We All Stand on the Shoulders of Giants
Ten Inordinate Cardinalities
Nude Reclining on the Floor
Garden in Bloom
Four Cats on Shore Leave
End of a Long Cavern
Clock of Seasons
Late Afternoon on the Border
Rising From the Flames
Watching Over Gotham
Loose Lips
Deep Dark Hole in the Evening Sky
Two Faces of Eve
All About the Bass
Surveying the Landscape of a New World
A Tearful Goodbye
Krishna Karma
Peering Over the Edge
Into The World
Heavenly Bodies
N.E.W.S. — The Way Home
Mayan Treasure
Dreams in the Deep of the Night
Three Women in Prayer for Rain
Nude Reclining with Flowers
When the Smoke Clears
Hannah's Poisoned Eye
O Comfort-Killing Night!
Easter Island Nude
Dreams In the Deep of the Night
Many Hands
Post–Mid-Century Modern
Red Leaf
Amorphous Ideation
Another World
Arctic Dawn
Poppies! Poppies! Poppies!
By the Seashore
Hidden From View
Nella Tomba del Giardino
Persian Princess
Running Ahead of Myself
Winged Pursuit
In The Void
For Lorenz Hart
Peach & Pear
Rise Up
Frozen Pass
Approaching the Surface of Venus
Frozen Wave
Las Colinas Oscuras
Low Temperature Glaze
Path to the Unknown
Mind Control
Fire in the Marsh
Just South of the Big Bang
Inside the Caldera
The Original Slippery Slope
Syrian Blues
A Forest Tale
The Happy Warrior
Down the Rabbit Hole
In the Garden
Mountain Morning
Suppression of Needs
Urban Sprawl
Swimming Against the Current
Metamorphosis - 1
Metamorphosis - 7
Rose Egg
Heart Worm
40 Days
Prone to Lie
Come Crashing Down
Cardiac Event
Awash in Guilt
Realization of Sentience
The Spirit Inside
A Little Eccentric
Dawn's Repose
Moonrise Waterfall
Endless Kiss
In Mother's Arms
Walk Away
Bridal Homonculus
In a Natural State
Glen Rose Sunrise
Rising From The Sea
Doorway to Eternity
Off Balance
Cuppa Joe
A Medicated World
Dam the EPA
This is the first politically motivated painting I've ever done. I'm seriously thinking of auctioning it off to benefit the cleanup from the spill of waste by the EPA into the Animas River from the Gold King Mine near Silverton, Colo. News reports indicated that the spill has now reached Utah and is heading toward Lake Powell. As far as I'm concerned, the EPA should be shut down. This is a much worse situation than the BP spill in the Gulf several years ago.
I'm definitely not an environmental fascist but this organization is doing more harm than good and needs to be shut down and completely reformed with a new, smaller, less powerful staff and regulations. The EPA has grown to be way too powerful and intrusive a force in this country. Let's get rid of it and replace it with something that will actually be a steward of this great land.
Painting is 72" x 72" 
Contrast in Faux 3D
Rabid Despair / Rabbit to Spare
Southwestern High Desert Cave
Sunrise Over Twin Peaks
Mid-Atlantic Squall
Mid-Atlantic Squall - Variation
Stand Away From The Wall
Vitto's Bowl
Her Head in the Clouds
A Woman Is Many Things
Sphere of Influence
Admiring the Fat Man
Swept Away
The Faces of Evening
In the Valley of Elah a Giant Was Slain
Peering Over the Edge
Seas of Extremes
Third of 6
A Rare Bird Indeed
No One's to Blame
Happy Baby
Two Roses for My Love
Be Still My Beating Heart
High Tide
The Prodigal Son Returns at the Full Moon
Light at the End of a Short Tunnel
Submission to a Higher Power
Reflection of a Broken Woman | Victorious
Digital IED
Sunset at Primary Lake
Wizard Tree
Broken Sphere
Trail of Tears
Broken DNA
Heaven's Mist
River of Passion
Moment of Impact
Dusk in the Hill Country
Paean to Pablo
Hornless Bull
Faces. Faces Everywhere.
Desire and Fulfillment
Global Refraction
Messier Mondrian
Shadow President
Blue Pacific
He Who Nose
Faded Treasure
Dante's Inspiration
Red Current
Tea in the Woods
Dancing in the Stars
Primitives - 2014
By Any Other Name
Sea Hunt
Landscape at Sunset
Kitum Cave Column
Pyroclastic Flocean
Into the Light
At the Bottom of the Sea
Carmen Breathing
Distracted Self-Portrait
Corner of the Eye
Full Day's Work
Copper Wash
Doorway to the 9th Level
Primary Wheel
She Grieves Over News
Spheric Fenestration
Spirit Ascendant
Storm at Masada
Sweet Sunrise
Gate to Heavean | Hell
Gin and Tonic
Haiti - Blue and Red
Heads I Win
Hill Country Sunset
Iliac Crest
Into the Crucible
Kay's Krazy Kwilt
Memorial Censor
Montmarte | String Theory
None So Blind
On the Edge
Ovum Ultimatum
Piel de Avestruz #2
Polish Sonnet
Red Iris
Road to the Sky
Reflections #1
Double Vortex - Revised
Seafloor Lava Flow
Squared Circles
The Perfect Spot
Thize Uncovered
Tuna Tunnel
Twisted Mountain Sunrise
Saturday in the Park
A Hole in My Heart

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